Carpet Cleaning

When Is The Ideal Time To Call A Professional Cleaner?

Carpet cleaning is one way of maintaining a carpet so that it can last longer. The question that most people would ask is,” When exactly is it necessary to call a professional cleaner?” This question does not have a precise answer because there are many factors to consider. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • To what degree is your carpet soiled?
  • Do you have a big family or a small family?
  • Do you allow people to step on the carpet with their shoes on?
  • Does your carpet have a light or dark color?

The primary objective of having professional carpet cleaning is to counter any dirt and stains before they become permanent and irreversible. Depending on the factors listed above, you will be able to determine at what point your carpet is soiled and call a carpet cleaner before it gets overly soiled and dirty. Approximately, for a household of four members, the rug should be cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Due to budget constraints, most people may be worried about spending more if they hire professional cleaners. Instead, they opt to clean the carpet themselves, using rented equipment and chemicals acquired from the local store. It is not a very good decision because they sometimes end up damaging the rug because they do not know the proper cleaning procedures.

If a carpet is not cleaned correctly, it ends up with many issues such as:

  • Fading
  • Color change
  • Water and chemical saturation
  • Fiber damage
  • Shrinking

Professional cleaners will inspect the type of carpet and recommend the most suitable cleaning technique. They will then give you the price and schedule a day to come and do the cleaning. It is unwise to clean right away before doing a proper analysis of the type of carpet.

Each type of carpet has a specific cleaning method. The small Berber carpets used in schools and offices are preferably cleaned using the absorbent pad method. This method does not require drying time, meaning that the rug can be put back into use immediately. 

Frieze and plush carpets need deep cleaning, and the best method to use is the hot water extraction method. The cleaner will first pre-treat all the stains before applying a fine spray of hot water on the entire carpet, forcing all the dirt to come out. The hot water decreases the amount of drying time. This method may require one to use fans for maximum air circulation until the carpet is completely dry.

So, if you are worried about the ideal time to call in a professional cleaner, I would advise that you do it when it is necessary. You can schedule a clean up after the holidays when children have gone back to school and when there is less traffic.

Remember that carpet cleaning is a way of maintaining the carpet and extending its life. A well-maintained carpet can last for up to 20 or 30 years without showing any sign of wear and tear.